Read what Jessica Whiting says about her experience with Advance build.

When I decided to build my first home, I met and spoke to several building companies; some had good quality products but lacked customer service or flexibility, others had good service but couldn’t supply what I needed or had little local knowledge. Advance Build had the best quality specifications as standard inclusions, they were flexible with my design needs, they knew the area and their customer service was beyond outstanding. I dealt with the same, dedicated person from the very first meeting on my site to handing over the keys of my perfectly finished home, which to me was so important.

The entire process was smooth, I was able to be involved as much as I wanted for aspects that were important to me, as well as step back and be able to trust that they would take care of everything else. When it comes to timing and building, time really is money. The longer a build goes on for, the more it’s going to cost. With my build being my first home, luxurious nest eggs were not at my disposal! Having the fixed completion date was a huge weight off my mind, it allowed me to budget and keep my dual rent/mortgage payments under control. My home was even completed a week early, which is almost unheard of with a standard build.

With Advance Build, I achieved an absolutely beautiful, stylish, contemporary home that included a lot of my own custom design features and layout; there is no way this is a cookie cutter, off the shelf home. It’s a smart, quality home that was built to my needs, on time and on budget by a fantastic bunch of people who I am really excited to work with again in the future.

Jessica featured in ‘Your Home & Garden Magazine’ – September 2017. Read more here.