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Check out our exciting new range of Floor Plans! Our floor plans range from 60m2 to 155m2 and are designed to suit your lifestyle needs. Request a price based on your build location and we will be in touch.




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Oasis 1 60M2

Oasis 1

Weekender 1 65M2

Weekender 1

Escape 70.6M2


Oasis 2 75.6M2

Oasis 2

Denver 81.8M2


Weekender 2 83.5M2

Weekender 2

Sunset 1 88.2M2

Sunset 1

Mission 1 89.8M2

Mission 1

Kemp 2 93.8M2

Kemp 2

Weekender 3 100.8M2

Weekender 3

Retreat 1 100.8M2

Retreat 1

Homestead 1 101.2M2

Homestead 1

Sunset 2 102.6M2

Sunset 2

Vista 1 104.8M2

Vista 1

Settler 1 108M2

Settler 1

Vista 2 111.9M2

Vista 2

Homestead 2 115.2M2

Homestead 2

Retreat 2 117M2

Retreat 2

Mission 3 124.5M2

Mission 3

Oasis 3 128.2M2

Oasis 3

Manor 132.2M2


Homestead 3 134.4M2

Homestead 3

Oasis 4 136.8M2

Oasis 4

Vista 3 143M2

Vista 3

Settler 2 144M2

Settler 2

Mission 5 155.1M2

Mission 5
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An entirely stress-free experience for us from go to whoa and I can't think of any of my previous experiences with building and construction nor that of any of my friends that I could say that about. I would have no hesitation to build again with Advance build nor would I hesitate to recommend to anyone else to use Advance build as the preferred builder when it comes to transportable factory built homes from all aspects including design, efficiency, quality (of not only the building itself but of all the ancillary equipment including tanks, joinery etc.) and very importantly, all of the Advance build people I have come into contact with have been both professional and a pleasure to deal with - Ross and Lestari