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Check out our exciting new range of Floor Plans! Our floor plans range from 60m2 to 155m2 and are designed to suit your lifestyle needs. Request a price based on your build location and we will be in touch.




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Oasis 1 60M2

Oasis 1

Weekender 1 65M2

Weekender 1

Escape 70.6M2


Oasis 2 75.6M2

Oasis 2

Denver 81.8M2


Weekender 2 83.5M2

Weekender 2

Sunset 1 88.2M2

Sunset 1

Mission 1 89.8M2

Mission 1

Kemp 2 93.8M2

Kemp 2

Weekender 3 100.8M2

Weekender 3

Retreat 1 100.8M2

Retreat 1

Homestead 1 101.2M2

Homestead 1

Sunset 2 102.6M2

Sunset 2

Vista 1 104.8M2

Vista 1

Settler 1 108M2

Settler 1

Vista 2 111.9M2

Vista 2

Homestead 2 115.2M2

Homestead 2

Retreat 2 117M2

Retreat 2

Mission 3 124.5M2

Mission 3

Oasis 3 128.2M2

Oasis 3

Manor 132.2M2


Homestead 3 134.4M2

Homestead 3

Oasis 4 136.8M2

Oasis 4

Vista 3 143M2

Vista 3

Settler 2 144M2

Settler 2

Mission 5 155.1M2

Mission 5
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With Advance Build, I achieved an absolutely beautiful, stylish, contemporary home that included a lot of my own custom design features and layout; there is no way this is a cookie cutter, off the shelf home. It’s a smart, quality home that was built to my needs, on time and on budget by a fantastic bunch of people who I am really excited to work with again in the future. - Jessica