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Click on the images below to view detailed floor plans and to request a price. We have a range of custom or modular home NZ designs. Add on a garage, deck or veranda to make it your own. 1-2 Bedrooms starting from $168,400, 3-4 Bedrooms starting from $191,100

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Oasis 1 Coastal Series – 57.5M2

Oasis 1

Pioneer Lifestyle Series – 59.8M2


Milford 1 Lifestyle Series – 60M2

Milford 1

Weekender 1 Coastal Series – 60M2

Weekender 1

Oasis 2 Coastal Series – 75.6M2

Oasis 2

Denver Coastal Series – 81.8M2


Milford 2 Lifestyle Series – 83.5M2

Milford 2

Weekender 2 Coastal Series – 83.5M2

Weekender 2

Mission 1 86.4M2

Mission 1

Kemp 2 Lifestyle Series – 93.9M2

Kemp 2

Homestead 1 Lifestyle Series – 96.8M2

Homestead 1

Vista 2 Coastal Series – 104.7M2

Vista 2

Settler 1 Lifestyle Series – 108M2

Settler 1

Homestead 2 Lifestyle Series – 115.2M2

Homestead 2

Mission 3 Lifestyle Series – 120.9M2

Mission 3

Oasis 3 Coastal Series – 126.5M2

Oasis 3

Homestead 3 Lifestyle Series – 134.4M2

Homestead 3

Vista 3 Coastal Series – 139.3M2

Vista 3

Settler 2 Lifestyle Series – 144M2

Settler 2

Mission 5 Lifestyle Series – 155M2

Mission 5

Kendall 3 Lifestyle Series – 156.3M2

Kendall 3
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