Floor Plans

Click on the images below to view detailed floor plans and to request a price. We have a range of custom or modular home NZ designs. Add on a garage, deck or veranda to make it your own.


Oasis 1 Coastal Series – 57.5M2

Oasis 1

Pioneer Lifestyle Series – 59.8M2


Milford 1 Lifestyle Series – 60M2

Milford 1

Weekender 1 Coastal Series – 60M2

Weekender 1

Oasis 2 Coastal Series – 75.6M2

Oasis 2

Denver Coastal Series – 81.8M2


Milford 2 Lifestyle Series – 83.5M2

Milford 2

Weekender 2 Coastal Series – 83.5M2

Weekender 2

Mission 1 86.4M2

Mission 1

Kemp 2 Lifestyle Series – 93.9M2

Kemp 2

Homestead 1 Lifestyle Series – 96.8M2

Homestead 1

Vista 2 Coastal Series – 104.7M2

Vista 2

Settler 1 Lifestyle Series – 108M2

Settler 1

Homestead 2 Lifestyle Series – 115.2M2

Homestead 2

Mission 3 Lifestyle Series – 120.9M2

Mission 3

Oasis 3 Coastal Series – 126.5M2

Oasis 3

Homestead 3 Lifestyle Series – 134.4M2

Homestead 3

Vista 3 Coastal Series – 139.3M2

Vista 3

Settler 2 Lifestyle Series – 144M2

Settler 2

Mission 5 Lifestyle Series – 155M2

Mission 5

Kendall 3 Lifestyle Series – 156.3M2

Kendall 3
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"We found Advance Build ticked all the boxes for us in every way, we feel we couldn't have worked with a better company or people. We would like to pay a special thank you to the main people working on our project, they were a absolute pleasure in every way to deal with. Thank you again Advance for our awesome home and for everything you have done for us, even going beyond the call of duty many times, Many thanks. - Gerry and Pauline