There are many advantages of choosing a prefabricated transportable home over traditional on-site construction.

Advance Build prefabricated homes

Reduced Construction Time

Prefabrication offers a significant improvement in construction time. Where a normal build time for a house may take more than a year, a prefabricated transportable home can be completed in just a few months.

One of the key benefits of working undercover in a factory environment means less work is done on-site, where weather interrupts work, and where there are often delays between different trades or materials arriving on site to complete the next stage of work.

While many building companies offer guarantees of some sort, they are usually subject to weather, and almost never include a penalty clause for failure to complete on time. Building offsite with Advance Build, where weather is not a factor, and where all the relevant trades work together under one roof, means there is far more likelihood that your new home will be finished on time.

Prefabricated transportable houses

Cost Efficient

It is a commercial reality that time is money and every day that your business is non-productive you’re losing potential income. An efficient, organised and well presented workplace is important to any business, and Advance Build gives you just that.

In covered factories the construction sequence can be modified to improve efficiency. Trades can work simultaneously without interruption from the weather, which greatly improves efficiency.

In the case that a home buyer signs a contract that is time and expense based, or does not have a fixed contract price, the home buyer is exposed to significant cost blow-out risks. A prefabrication process that reduces wastage and eliminates much of the time wastage due to weather and timing delays with other trades and materials improves cost certainty for home buyers.

Prefabricated transportable houses


Building in an undercover, controlled environment, with more constant supervision allows for improved efficiency, less wastage and greater quality controls. Your new office, amenities block or work space will be constructed off-site ensuring time frames are met, high quality is maintained and your business can continue without disturbance during the building process.

Another premise of prefabrication is that because it is done in a factory environment adopting process methodologies, defects are likely to be fewer, even if a factory produces large volumes of one-off designs. An approach that reduces defects will be a major improvement for home buyers.

Whether it’s a new venture, home or an extension of an existing space, Advance build can create a custom design for you and create the fastest, easiest solution to build your home or work space. With over 50 years combined experience in the construction industry you are in safe hands.

transportable classroom

Reduced Risk & Disruption

Traditional construction sites in high density areas such as schools or around businesses can cause significant disruption to day to day operations. It also increases the risk of potential injury to persons working in the area and can be a logistical nightmare.

Advance build can deliver off-site construction that significantly enhances the safety of students and businesses in turn, reducing the amount of administrative work needed to meet OSH requirements. With all major construction completed before delivery, there is little disruption for you to worry about.

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"There were a number of reasons that we chose Advance build, the main one being that they were the quickest. It was so easy. We felt like the guys we were dealing with were really straight-up, honest and trustworthy. Advance build were bang on budget" - Derrick and Angela